The Woodland Hike You can take a stroll through the woods at your own pace along the Tree Trail. Research the Monkey Puzzle tree, the False Acacia, and the Giant Redwoods! Take a pamphlet from the information desk. To have a rest with a family is a must, at least one time a week. Distance: 1.25 kilometers Duration: 1 hour Short, flat walks on paved roads and wooded trails make up the terrain. We gladly accept strollers and all-terrain wheelchairs. A path between 22 different trees, starting at the Visitor Center, is marked out along the trail. Our world-famous Beech Avenue, with its breathtaking autumnal foliage, is a highlight of the trail. Visit the Monterey Pine Forest and get up close to a Giant Redwood. Feel the Orangutan-like softness and sponginess of its orange bark. Think of the Monkey Puzzle, with its tangled, thorny branches. The Blue Atlas Cedars are truly magnificent.

During the course of the process of creating cherished memories Spending quality time with loved ones has many benefits, one of which is the creation of memories that will last a lifetime. Whether they were made by participating in a game, going to an event, going on vacation, or simply spending time together in the living room or around the table talking and laughing, happy memories are treasured possessions that give members of the family a sense of belonging and can help reinforce the importance of family. Positive memories are treasured possessions that give members of the family a sense of belonging and can help reinforce the importance of family.

Spending time as a family

We hope your dog has as much fun here as you do! Please pick up after your dog and keep it leashed at all times to avoid any unpleasant situations. Please keep in mind that dogs are not permitted in the Walled Garden or the Tearoom (except of course assistance dogs which are always welcome). It's a blessing that West Suffolk is so densely forested! Bury St. Edmunds Abbey Gardens, with its beautiful flower displays and abbey ruins, and Brandon Country Park, with its natural arboretum and winding woodland trails, both provide a plethora of adventure opportunities. Any of the local parks, including Nowton Park, East Town Park, West Stow Country Park, and many others, are great places to get some exercise and fresh air. West Suffolk parks host a wide range of activities for people of all ages each year, from den-building workshops for kids to foraging and wild skills competitions for adults and beyond. What should be visited and seen by the whole family and pets? There are a lot of variants, so it is just up to you to decide, but a little bit below, there are some variants.

Designed to be a Vibrant Pathway in Purple Beginning at the visitor center, the Purple Trail is a 3.5-mile loop that travels through the arboretum and along the magnificent Beech Avenue before emerging into the thick forest of Thetford. The trail ends back at the visitor center. Trip Estimate: 5.5 km (3.5 mi) 1.5–2 hours in total duration The forest trails are mostly soft, but there are some firmer paths dotted throughout. Take the Purple Trail all the way around the Country Park to reach the more remote areas of Thetford Forest. This trail goes all the way around the park. Walking past the playgrounds and down the illustrious Beech Avenue will get you to the arboretum from the Visitor Center. When you leave our orchard, you will enter Thetford Forest, which is home to a large Scots pine plantation, groves of dripping larch trees, and open glades. After leaving our orchard, you will enter Thetford Forest. Be on the lookout for nuthatches and blue tits as they dart through the trees, and keep your eyes peeled for buzzards and skimming sparrowhawks as they soar overhead. Be on the lookout for any bleating muntjac deer or squeaking squirrels and keep your ears perked up. Pay attention to the hoots of the tawny owls that call this area home at night.

The bike route frequently taken by poachers More than eight miles of clearly marked wide paths, narrow tracks, and undulating drives wind their way through the heart of Thetford Forest, providing ample opportunity to get your heart rate up, feel the bumps, and pedal like crazy. The 8.5 mile distance How long it will take: roughly 2 hours The ride is rough but fun for the whole family because the landscape consists of firm paths, soft tracks, and wide forest drives. Some areas may require you to dismount because of the sandy ground. Beginning near the visitor center, the Poachers Trail loops through both parkland and forest along a well-marked path. Taking a shorter route will result in a faster cycle. The brochure is available for download here. The kids who are the great fans of the bicycles will love it.