What We Know About the Past of Brandon Country Park

The Energy and The Power of The History


The Past of The Park

Brandon was an important town for the British Army in the 19th century because it was the primary producer of gunflint. Some even asserted that Brandon Flint was the best of the best and that it would always ignite. In the early 1820s, Edward Bliss, a wealthy local businessman who supplied the French army with flint during the Napoleonic Wars, acquired over 2,500 acres in The Brecks. The original land purchase made by Bliss is now partially utilized by Brandon Country Park. In 1826, Edward Bliss commissioned the construction of Brandon Park House, where his family resided until 1903. The residence has been added to the National Register of Historic Places as a Grade II Regency mansion. Almeric Paget purchased the residence for his own use in 1903. Edward Bliss constructed a gothic mausoleum with an enclosure of Irish Yew trees for himself and his wife. The renowned knapping skills of Brandon are on display in the flintwork of the main chapel. Currently, pipistrelle bats and, according to urban legend, the ghost of Edward's nephew Baron Boretto reside in the Mausoleum. On occasion, he can be observed strolling the grounds while wearing knee breeches, a deer stalker, and carrying a candle-lit human skull. I wonder what he is looking for.

Spend your time in the beautiful place!

The Brandon Country Park is available to host your special event. The Pump House, The Bothy, and The Engine House are three indoor venues available for rental in the park (The Pump House and The Bothy). In addition, the Walled Garden is available for special events. Please use the application link to request the use of Brandon Country Park or any other venue. Submit a request to use a West Suffolk Council-owned park or other open space. Fees and deposits for reserving public spaces in West Suffolk parks. All applications must be submitted to West Suffolk Council at least ten weeks prior to the event date. Before submitting an application, please contact the Parks Department with any preliminary questions or to inquire about the availability of a specific date. Reservations for dates cost £25. This deposit will be applied to the final park or open area rental fee. The venue cannot be secured for the scheduled event until this amount is received.

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The Brandon Country Park is for hire!

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Natural Features of Brandon Country Park

In the trees, look for nuthatches, nightjars, woodlarks, and blue tits, along with soaring buzzards and skimming sparrowhawks. Keep an eye out for the local heron, tadpoles, and dragonflies that inhabit the lake. As night falls, keep your ears open for the drumming of woodpeckers, the yipping of muntjac deer, and the hooting of tawny owls. Observe a kaleidoscope of flitting insects, vibrant wildflowers (the purple heather on the heathland is particularly beautiful in August), and an abundance of fungi, including earthstars, deathcaps, stinkhorn fungi, and coral fungi.

Gorgeous Nature

Arctic Forest

The Breckland heaths have been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest because they are home to rare plant and animal species.

The appearance of the Park

The current entrance to Brandon Country Park is the former grand entrance to Brandon Park House, which was constructed in the early 1900s by Almeric Paget and is particularly beautiful when the leaves are changing color.

It is located in the Arboretum

Edward Bliss is credited with establishing a large portion of what is now known as Thetford Forest on his estate by planting an astounding 8 million trees. The majority of the plantations and shelterbelts were larches and scotch pines, but he also planted a grove of exotic species such as Blue Atlas Cedars, Giant Redwoods, and Monkey Puzzle Trees.

This is a Garden with Walls

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, the Walled Garden was constructed as a kitchen garden to provide fresh produce for Brandon House. It includes a pumpkin patch, a herb garden, and a well. A lovely picnic location! If you're looking for a tranquil and private outdoor setting for your event, party, or workshop, you can also reserve the Walled Garden.

It's lake

Edward Bliss constructed an ornamental lake with a modest rustic bridge between 1820 and 1845. In 1992, the lake was redesigned so that it would better complement its surroundings.

Wide-Open Spaces or Grassy Regions

The lawns are a series of terraces with formal gardens that descend from Brandon Park House to the lake, and have remained largely unchanged since their original design.